The South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA) has held the distinction of being the #1 resource for manufacturers in South Florida since 1961 – saving its members time and money through advocacy, networking and resources. Below is a list of pertinent resources for our members from our Partners and Strategic Investors.

ERC -Expense Reduction Coaching

ERC was founded in 1993 to help businesses reduce indirect expenses in up to 40 different cost categories. These include Telecommunications, Merchant Processing, Utilities, Freight, Packaging Supplies, Payroll Processing, Insurance and Taxes among many others. Through all these years, we have gained extensive experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality and other industries to uncover these opportunities and help you capitalize them promptly with minimal effort from your staff.


InfraGard South Florida Alliance

InfraGard is an information sharing platform between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private sector. This non-profit organization represents individuals from the following 16 Critical Infrastructures; (1) Communication, (2) Commercial Facilities, (3) Financial Services, (4) Healthcare & Public Health, (5) Chemical, (6) Energy, (7) Food & Agriculture, (8) Government Facilities, (9) Critical Manufacturing, (10) Information Technology, (11) Emergency Services, (12) Transportation Services, (13) Dams, (14) Defense Industrial Base, (15) Water & Waste Management Systems and (16) Nuclear Reactors, Materials & Waste. The InfraGard mission is to share information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States.



Insurance Office of America (IOA) is a full-service insurance agency founded in 1988 and one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the United States. Headquartered in Longwood, Florida, part of the greater Orlando community, IOA has more than 1,000 associates located in over 50 branch offices in the U.S. and London.



Paylocity is a premier provider of HR and payroll solutions – who understand the unique needs of manufacturers. With their single intuitive platform, your organization can make strategic decisions, cultivate a modern workplace, and enhance employee engagement – all while making your life easier. Engage employees with secure, mobile, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information where and when they need it.. What’s more: SFMA clients can unlock added benefits and exclusive pricing. Learn more.

Paylocity Client Commercial

Women In Manufacturing

Women in Manufacturing® (WiM) is a national association dedicated to providing year-round support to women who have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry. At present, nearly 10,000 individual members representing nearly 1,500 manufacturing companies have joined their growing ranks of industry professionals. WiM encompasses manufacturers of all types and welcomes individuals from every job function – from production to the C-Suite.