On behalf of SFMA’s Staff and Board of Directors, we hope you enjoyed our 43rd Annual Recognition of Excellence Ceremony where we had the great pleasure, and honor, to recognize the Employees and Companies that make manufacturing in South Florida second to none!. It was an evening all about celebrating accomplishments among our manufacturing community and SFMA’s family. A true statement on how advanced and robust manufacturing is in our region!

The winners of Manufacturer-of-the-Year are as follows:

Group 1 Winner (1-40 Employees): CellAntenna Corporation
Group 2 Winner (41-85 Employees): Captiva Containers
Group 3 Winner (86-150 Employees): FK Irons, Inc.
Group 4 Winner (150+ Employees): A-1 Industries of FL

The winners of Employee-of-the Year are as follows:

Production: Ricardo Escalona, Kohtler Elevator Industries, Inc.
Production Support: Celimene Doris, Terumo Aortic
Information Technology:Andrew Herbert, Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Engineering: Luisa Vethencourt, Captiva Containers
Administration: Nancy Maccarone, Nestle Health Science
Non-Manufacturing: Mari Grande, Ranstad
Supervisory: Ben Schwer, Stryker