The SFMA celebrates distinction each year by recognizing high performing manufacturing companies and high performing employees at our Recognition of Excellence Ceremony. We know that good manufacturing employees are hard to find and now, even harder to keep. That’s why this portion of our Ceremony is so significant through our Employee of the Year Awards. It’s important to recognize and appreciate hard work in our industry by giving examples of what a great employee looks like for all employees to emulate.

Employee nominations are open now and will be accepted until Friday, March 25, 2022 All Employee Nominees and winners will be recognized during the Recognition of Excellence Awards Ceremony. This not to miss red carpet event will take place on June 16, 2022 at the Signature Grand.

Step 1
The first step in the process is to submit a completed nomination form.  Each nominee is recognized at the Recognition of Excellence Awards Ceremony. The Employee of the Year Winners and Runner-Ups are announced that evening.  There are seven categories to which an employee can be nominated, and they are all based on the different job functions within a company. Please nominate your employee in the category that reflects their contributions and only for contributions in 2021.

1. Administrative i.e. General Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.
2. Engineering
3. Information Technology (IT)
4. Production
5. Production Support i.e. Materials, Planning, Quality, Maintenance, etc.
6. Supervisory – oversees a team or committee
7. Non-Manufacturing Affiliate Employee

SFMA reserves the right to combine/change categories depending on number of applications submitted.

Step 2
The critical component of the nomination form are the two questions on the form:

• Narrate the employee’s 2021 contribution to the company. Be sure to provide insight as to the process before the employee’s contribution (Prior State) and the result of employee’s contribution (Future State). Explain the depth to which this contribution is integrated throughout the company and what advantage or best practice it delivered to the company.
• Value the employee’s 2021 contribution to the company. Be sure to quantify the impact to the business. You may consider any numerical contribution. Consider Direct costs or Indirect costs, Cost of Quality, Revenue Gains, Cost Reductions, Cost Avoidances, New Revenues, New Products, Percent Improvements, or Similar Numerical Responses.

The SFMA relies on these responses to determine which employees will ultimately be the Employee of the Year. Please include details and objective measures when submitting a nomination form

Step 3
Please email a photo of your nominee to Corinne Tillman at by March 1st, 2022.

Step 4
The SFMA judges read each application in each category and determine a winner and runner-up. The Winners and Runners Up in each category will be unveiled at the Ceremony on June 16, 2022.